Welcome to HighGeaRacing.

HGR a specialist bike shop and service centre based in Alderley, approx 7km’s north of the Brisbane CBD.
With more than 30years of combined professional experience and passion, Ashley and Steve have developed their focus toward superior mechanical services.
While most shops are focused on sales and reciting strategic marketing propaganda offered by brands, we aim to offer you more realistic information and advice based on the extensive experience gained by dealing with 20years of product history, we see first hand the reality that commonly contrasts the claims made about products through clever marketing.

We have a select range of bikes available, offering you the best prices we possibly can with a goal to put you on something you will be happy with for many years to come.
We supply FUJI and Jamis bicycles along with a wide range of parts and accessories, we focus on fitting and sizing with every bicycle sale and offer detailed information and advice as to what is best suited to the style of riding you desire.

At HGR, we don’t like to see people unhappy with their bicycles and will always give you our honest opinion, despite it not being what you might want to hear and in some cases it preventing us making a sale.
Sometimes this is the unfortunate cost of maintaining our integrity, but it offers you the option to be armed with effective information needed when making decisions regarding bicycles and cycling related products.

HGR also takes a much deeper approach to dealing with your mechanical needs, almost our entire customer base is acquired and maintained through referral with many customers finding us by exhausting all other well known professional mechanical options first.
These are usually mechanical or noise related issues said to be impossible to resolve with numerous mechanics spending wasted hours assessing and attempting to repair the problems at the customers expense, eventually the customer being directed to us as the most likely facility to identify and resolve issues that are beyond the capacity of other mechanical services.
This is achieved by implementing 30years of combined product knowledge and Ashley’s background in engineering and interest in scientific study to strategically isolate and identify the cause of the issue and prevent recurrence.

Our ability to provide a professional, honest and excellent service has ensured that we will remain Brisbane’s most capable and experienced bicycle service centre and local hub for cycling on the north side of Brisbane.

Our focus will always be on mechanical service and repair as we believe that the workshop is the most important part of any bike shop.
If it doesn’t work; the shop doesn’t work.

Come on in and see how we can help you.

HighGeaRacing is also an authorised Specialized Warranty/Repair and service Centre.




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